Subject New version and File name
Author Juarez Rudsatz
Maybe will be good isolate the versions number of old IB and new FB.
Some like :

0.9.4 -> Stable old release
0.a.1 -> Alfa release of firebird 1.0 ( 0.a.x will be 1.0 )
0.a.2 -> Second alfa release of firebird 1.0
0.b.1 -> Beta release of firebird 1.0
0.b.2 -> Second beta release
0.c.1 -> Release Candidate of Firebird 1.0
1.0 -> Release 1.0
1.0.1 -> Maintenance release os version 1.0

The key is not download a release with caracters in version for production pourposes.

The name will be :


At 05:21 20/04/2001, you wrote: (Mark O'Donohue )

>The only issue to resolve is naming conventions for the download files.
>The 0.9-4 is fairly confusing, since many of the names (ie the linux rpm
>ones) don't contain the platform and are confusing when placed alongside
>other hardware versions.
>Any suggestions welcome (see current confused scheme at:)

Some person needs to have the bad ideias.

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