Subject RE: [IB-Architect] New system functions/objects was: planning t he use of blr codes
Author Ann W. Harrison
> >>I think that pseudo tables could have
> >>some good benefits but in *conjunction* with the 'functions' we have
> >>been talking about - you should not have to perform a SELECT to get the
> >>information about your connection from within a trigger or SP.
> >Two mechanisms - one result. Or more likely, two
> >mechanisms, two vaguely related results.
>Maybe it's my naivety, but I don't see how the results would be
>_vaguely_ related. To my mind, the contents of the pseudo tables, would
>be the exact representation of new server/connection objects which would
>be initialized on connection start. Accordingly, I don't see the

Well, for one, the functions you describe would return one result
when you asked for the transaction id. The pseudo tables might
return several...