Subject Re: [IB-Architect] providers rejects interbase for hosting
Author Vince Duggan

I can see their problem, but one should not allow anyone direct access to the
database. If you do not have direct access, then you cannot execute the commands
to create tables, databases etc. All database access is 'hidden' in the web app,
i.e by using PHP, Perl or something similar.

It is simple enough to prevent anyone from connecting directly to the database
from outside: block port 3050 for example.

If someone can hack in and execute commands directly on the database, then there
is another security problem. InterBase is not the problem in this case.


Dmitry Kuzmenko wrote:
> Hello, All!
> It was a good starting point for providers that InterBase is free and OpenSource.
> Also is good that FireBird have FreeBSD port, because there are almost all
> providers in Russia uses FreeBSD.
> But, bad news - providers rejects InterBase for hosting.
> The responce from one provider was the following:
> "We can't provide interbase-hosting for user's projects by the following
> reasons:
> 1. any user, logged in ISC4.GDB can connect to any database on the server
> and create unlimited count of user objects (tables, procedures, etc).
> 2. any user, logged in ISC4.GDB, can create unlimited number of databases.
> This uncontrolled behavior disallow us to use Interbase as a RDBMS server
> for hosting".
> Any comments?
> --
> Dmitry Kuzmenko, Epsylon Technologies.
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