Subject ibsecure.exe / ibsecure don't work with non-default installation paths
Author Jeroen Pluimers
I have non-default installation paths for interbase, and it seems
that ibsecure (linux) and ibsecure.exe (windows) do not work

Both executables indicate 'No insecure files were found' and do not
patch the ibserver / ibserver.exe files/.

On a RedHat 6.1 system, I have installed IB6 (the Borland download)
into this directory:


On a Windows 2000 Server (SP1) system (which is installed on E:\), I
have installed IB56 (the Borland download) into this directory:

E:\Program Files\InterBase Corp\InterBase\bin

Two questions:
1. How do I force ibsecure / ibsecure.exe to patch a certain
ibserver / ibserver.exe ?
2. How can I have ibsecure / ibsecure.exe show me where it has looked?