Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Opening remote databases
Author Ann Harrison
At 12:38 AM 8/26/2000 +0100, Phil Shrimpton wrote:
> > From: reed mideke [mailto:rfm@...]
> > It might be reasonable for the server to be able to detect if
> > the file was already in use by another server (but no need
> > to try to let two server ever actually work with it at the same
> > time)
>Maybe a new CURRENT_SERVER variable could be introduced like USER. This
>could either be a 'singleton' variable that would only let a server connect
>if it was NULL, or if somebody is feeling clever, it could be used so
>different servers could work within their own 'transactions', if there is a
>need to use multiple servers.

Interesting, but unfortunately those variables are kept in memory, so
one server would be invisible to another. They could be kept on disk,
but that introduces a bunch of timing problems.


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