Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Opening remote databases
Author AlisdairM
jason.butlin@... wrote:

> I realise that this is a really nasty thing to do, and may present
> some problems if the network connection goes down. However, if our
> users are stupid enough to want to do this, who are we to stand in
> their way!! It would also help solve our problem of storing the
> Interbase database on a Novell server, until the Netware port of
> Interbase comes out.

Not just the network going dowm, what happens when 2 users try to open
the same database file? This is the classic problem of desktop

This is one of those horrible 'we know better than you' scenarios. It
might be possilbe get IB working with a remote file as suggested, but
then a whole slew of problems are going to be encountered, to which the
fix is "don't do that in the first place, use an IB server".

The 2 main advantages I see for mouting on a remote drive are data
sharing and centralised backup. Data sharing is out for the reasons
above, which leaves backing up private databases. Again, IB provides
separate tools that should be used for this is backing up the binary
file is not the same as backing up the database. Neither scenario work
well for a remotely-mounted local IB server.

I beleive it would be doing the customers a disservice to make these
sorts of errors, although you may have another scenario I have
overlooked that is more reasonable.

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