Subject Re: Opening remote databases
Author Jason Butlin
--- In, "Olivier Mascia" <om@t...> wrote:
> Case A) Single Server accessing local database : available today.
> Case B) Single Server accessing a remote database :
> Why not implement it by having the server mark something
identifying it
> _inside_ the DB while readying it (its network name, its IP,
something else
> ?).
> Other servers, if they try to ready that database will discover it
> already readied by another server and will abort their attempt. No
need for
> over the net locking mechanism.
> Case C) Multi-servers accessing a shared remote database

Our main reason for wanting to implement this ability is that our
smaller clients may only have a couple of users of our software.
Whilst they may have a number of fileservers, their technical support
may not want to install Interbase on all of them.

A secondary problem is to have the databases on a Novel server with
the IBServer on NT - something that will obviously become unnecssary
when the Netware version comes out.

For these purposes Case B above would be an acceptable solution. I
realise it makes it less generic, but would it be a possibility to
specify with the database a single IBServer that is allowed to open
it. In other words, only a trusted IBServer is allowed to open the
remote database. Any other server will be denied access.

BTW. I'm glad to see the idea wasn't dimissed as totally stupid and
has actually generated some thoughtful discussion. Gives us
confidence in the Interbase community.