Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Index types
Author Ann Harrison
At 08:50 PM 8/25/2000 -0300, Elifarley C. Coelho wrote:
>I think it would be nice if we could choose the index structure in CREATE
>INDEX statements, like whether it should be a sorted, hashed, or B+ tree
>based index, whether it should be clustered or unclustered, sparse or
>We could get some performance improvement by fine-tuning these settings, I
>suppose. (A hashed index would perform better than a sorted index in a table
>with frequent updates, for instance)
>BTW, what's the default index structure in IB6?

The default is a B* tree - which is also the only structure supported.
My inclination is not to get into hashed and clustered indexes because
they're sensitive to load and require monitoring and correcting. The
B* trees perform quite well under frequent updates, and with the bit-map
retrieval, they offer many of the advantages of clustering without the
disadvantages, and offer the advantages for all indexes on a table, not
just one.


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