Subject Opening remote databases
Currently, when you request to open a database on a remote drive,
Interbase will attempt to open it through an Interbase Server running
on the remote machine. If no server is running, then Interbase will
not open the database.

However, in our use of Interbase it may be necessary to open a
database that is hosted on a remote machine that doesn't have an
Interbase server running.

I realise that this is a really nasty thing to do, and may present
some problems if the network connection goes down. However, if our
users are stupid enough to want to do this, who are we to stand in
their way!! It would also help solve our problem of storing the
Interbase database on a Novell server, until the Netware port of
Interbase comes out.

Does this sound like something that could be implemented in the
proper source tree, maybe as an option when connecting to the
database? I know we could change our own copy of the source, but it
becomes a maintenance head-ache when the next version of Interbase
comes out.