Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Opening remote databases
Author Ann Harrison
At 08:11 AM 8/25/00 +0000, jason.butlin@... wrote:
>Currently, when you request to open a database on a remote drive,
>Interbase will attempt to open it through an Interbase Server running
>on the remote machine. If no server is running, then Interbase will
>not open the database.
>However, in our use of Interbase it may be necessary to open a
>database that is hosted on a remote machine that doesn't have an
>Interbase server running.
>... It would also help solve our problem of storing the
>Interbase database on a Novell server, until the Netware port of
>Interbase comes out.

Alisdair M responded:

> Not just the network going down, what happens when 2 users try to open
> the same database file? This is the classic problem of desktop
> databases.

It's a classic problem with all databases, I would think. Alisdair
is correct. The reason for not opening a database on a remote disk
is that we can't know whether the database is already open elsewhere.
That's true in the "classic" architecture because each attachment
opens the database file, so file sharing is essential. In the
superserver, we may be able to fudge that rule.



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