Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Where is the ODBC IB 6.0
Author Ann Harrison
At 10:32 AM 8/25/00 +0200, Massimiliano Nori wrote:
>I have checked out the source of the ODBC driver and I saw no more change in
>the source (the last about 25/7/2000). Has the project been stopped? What
>news for the release?

Part of the reason for the lack of changes is that the
author was on vacation for three weeks, but that's only
part of the issue. The larger issue is that Jim (the
author) agreed to do the driver for the new company that
was being formed around InterBase and we agreed to pay
him $25K. When Inprise announced that negotiations were
at an end, we had no way to pay Jim. We're working on

Jim was pretty annoyed at having taken a month and a half
out of his project for nothing. He was substantially more
annoyed at the way Inprise handled the whole situation.
The thought that Inprise could leave the former ISC stranded
and broke after over six months of negotiations and at the
same time pick up his ODBC driver for free was totally

I hope the situation will be remedied in the next few



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