Subject Re: [IB-Architect] OT: IB6 readiness...opinions solicited
Author Dominique Louis
Jared Rypka-Hauer wrote:
> It serves more like it's hooked up to a dialup modem rather than a cable
> modem... who's his cable provider, the Pony Express? Or maybe he hosts it on
> a 486DX-2/66 (kidding)... I do think it is too slow to be a good site to use
> to sell a client on IB.

I didn't I say anywhere it was extremely fast, But for showing what Delphi
is capable in terms of dynamic pages / ISAPI, I think it is extremely good.
If you look at the Guest Page you'll even see that David Intersimone (
Inprise's VP of Developer relations ) says it's a "cool site".
I'm sure if you offered to put a T1 line in Shiv's house or to host the
Matlus site, I would be surprised if he complains. If you really want to
show the site off to a prospective client, why not ask Shiv if he is able
to lend you the site so you can demo it to a client from you T1 line as
another option.

> I am working on an intranet app for a real-estate leasing office and am
> planning to use IB6 with the IB5.6 ODBC driver or the custom tags for
> ColdFusion posted on the site under Articles (haven't decided
> yet, not sure I want to tackle the C++ stuff, using ODBC for now).

I you're worried about speed ( as you have indicated above ) forget ODBC
and hook straight into InterBase's API.


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