Subject RE: [IB-Architect] OT: IB6 readiness...opinions solicited
Author Jared Rypka-Hauer
It serves more like it's hooked up to a dialup modem rather than a cable
modem... who's his cable provider, the Pony Express? Or maybe he hosts it on
a 486DX-2/66 (kidding)... I do think it is too slow to be a good site to use
to sell a client on IB. It could be the cable modem, since their bandwidth
drops off as traffic increases. For a proof-of-concept via a site like this
one, it is way too slow and erratic. It would have entirely the wrong

Then again, I have T1 access from the office and DSL from home, so I am
probably a little biased from the get-go. It may be fine for serving to

I am working on an intranet app for a real-estate leasing office and am
planning to use IB6 with the IB5.6 ODBC driver or the custom tags for
ColdFusion posted on the site under Articles (haven't decided
yet, not sure I want to tackle the C++ stuff, using ODBC for now). I am
going to have a min of 10 and a max of maybe 500 users...

I'll let you know as it goes along.


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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] OT: IB6 readiness...opinions solicited

Rob Schuff wrote:
> Hi,
> I have posted, to a couple of lists, the question of whether or not IB6 is
ready as a deployable piece of software and whether anyone has deployed an
app using it yet and have gotten no replies. Does this mean that nobody
> Just how ready is IB6 for production?
> **ANY** opinions greatly appreciated here.

The Matlus Site ( ) has been using IB6 since it was
first in beta. The whole site is dynamically served using IB6, Delphi ( for
the ISAPIs ) and runs on Windows 2000 attached to a cable modem. I believe
Shiv Kumar ( the site owner ) is also planning to port the site over to
Apache on Linux when Kylix comes out. Use IE for best results. Have a look
at the site statistics ( also dynamically servered ) to see if it handles
any loads you would call "production".

Hope this helps in some way.


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