Subject RE: [IB-Architect] OT: IB6 readiness...opinions solicited
Author Jared Rypka-Hauer
I really don't want to get into a pissing contest here. I recognize and
respect your points... all of them.

My only point here is that if this site represents the "cool stuff" you can
do with ISAPI and Delphi, my studying time is best spent on a platform that
will produce respectable performance... in other words, if this is the best
that IB and Delphi can do it is NOT a platform on which a production website
can be launched. Which was the basis of the original question. I can do cool
stuff with Q-Basic too, or on the C64. But why? There is absolutely no
practical application for such a thing.

I suspect this is NOT an IB problem, but with the use of Delphi as a web
development tool.

I don't mean to cut on Delphi here, seriously. But for cripe's sake, lets
move on to a platform built for the web rather than trying to translate
something that's almost as old as I am into a patch that can be used to
splice old technology into a webserver.

He talks consistently throughout the website's tutorial pages about how
ISAPI and Delphi are supposed to boost the performance of webpages, beat
scripted sites relative to their speed, etc., but the performance boost is
simply not there... I have noted through countless hours of web surfing that
ISAPI-based websites (i.e. those whose URLs end in .dll or .exe) are not as
fast, stable, or robust as those written in ColdFusion or (God forgive me)

So what's the point?

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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] OT: IB6 readiness...opinions solicited

Jared Rypka-Hauer wrote:
> It serves more like it's hooked up to a dialup modem rather than a cable
> modem... who's his cable provider, the Pony Express? Or maybe he hosts it
> a 486DX-2/66 (kidding)... I do think it is too slow to be a good site to
> to sell a client on IB.

I didn't I say anywhere it was extremely fast, But for showing what Delphi
is capable in terms of dynamic pages / ISAPI, I think it is extremely good.
If you look at the Guest Page you'll even see that David Intersimone (
Inprise's VP of Developer relations ) says it's a "cool site".
I'm sure if you offered to put a T1 line in Shiv's house or to host the
Matlus site, I would be surprised if he complains. If you really want to
show the site off to a prospective client, why not ask Shiv if he is able
to lend you the site so you can demo it to a client from you T1 line as
another option.

> I am working on an intranet app for a real-estate leasing office and am
> planning to use IB6 with the IB5.6 ODBC driver or the custom tags for
> ColdFusion posted on the site under Articles (haven't
> yet, not sure I want to tackle the C++ stuff, using ODBC for now).

I you're worried about speed ( as you have indicated above ) forget ODBC
and hook straight into InterBase's API.


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