Subject Eventual home for IB source...
Author Corey Wangler
One thing to keep in mind about where the main CVS
tree is held is that we need people like Ann and Jim
to give a guiding hand to the project.... their
direction is essential to keeping the project on
track, especially with respect to SQL standards.

For InterBase development to thrive in a similar
way to Linux, we need people with vision (IMHO,
they're the NewCo people) for direction, just as
Linux has Linus Torvalds.

Personally, I'd like to have the NewCo people decide
where and how the main source tree is hosted. I'm
sure that their input into these matters will be heard
in the near future.

For now it looks like FireBird and FireBirdAshes
at SourceForge have the endorsement of NewCo as
a place to start things happening.

I'm hoping that Inprise will cooperate with NewCo
in these regards, as I suspect most people in the
InterBase community have a desire to have NewCo
as a focal point for future development.


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