Subject Pig Latin, Klingon and Unicode
Author Mike Nordell
David Schnepper wrote:
> Yes, "pg_PG" is pig-latin as used in "PigLatina". It is what I used
> to test all the translation tools.

That somehow explains its presence in the DB. I was lead to believe that
someone was just bored, and since there was no Unicode to write it in
Klingon, it became Pig Latin. :-)

Either way, does anyone on this list have write access to the
site? In that case, *and* if removing this translation would prove to make
the download at least 10%-20% smaller, perhaps this could be extracted to a
separate D/L (or if it can be reproduce by the tools, dropped all together)?

Btw, speaking of Unicode, though it probably would be more correct to post
this in IBD it has a connection here: Does ANSI SQL (is 99 the latest?)
mention UC?

/Mike Nordell