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> There is no way I, or anyone else in the coordinating groups, would want
> see any perspective stifled. We can get where we are going only through
> merging all the points of view. It would help if others were capable of
> recognising that the immediate Agenda is demanding but we have no reason
> expect it. I didn't do a good job yesterday. For that I apologise.


Your efforts on these lists are truly appreciated. You advice to, and
efforts on behalf of, the InterBase community place you as one of the
leaders of this effort. As such I was disapointed to see that you were
potentially alienating newcomers to this community. At this stage I see it
as the only hope for a useful product coming out of this debacle and I felt
that such actions were only limiting that possibility.

That said, the message from which I have snipped the above fills me with
hope, and confirms (to me at least) that you are truly deserving of a
leadership role in this community. I only wish Dale and his ilk would
approach this situation with the same level of introspection and candor.

Thank you for all your work to date. Let's make this thing work!

(An aside in case of confusion: RE your academic remarks.
1. Not all academics 'play ' with databases. I work with people who
handle millions of records as part of research projects. We support such
academics and prefer to recommend InterBase.

2. Just because our P.O. Box is at Melb. Uni. doesn't mean that we are
academics. We are a private company who specialize in supporting clients in
data collection, management and analysis).

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