Subject Firebird project on sourceforge
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Mike

After some private discussions, I have put in a request to register the

Firebird Ashes and

as projects on sourceforge.

I think that it will take some time to settle on a suitable name (there are
too many people in the world - and all the good names are usually already

There have been a number of suggestions, and even one already registered
(White Knight - I think). So these may be temporary depending upon how
things evolve.

There have been a number of suggestions about how to proceed here. And a
number of people have suggested things in these groups. Including the mers
CVS repository.

Source Forge I think provides good infrastructure support for opensource
projects - mainly becuase most of the projects I have followed have migrated

I was nominally thinking of "Firebird Ashes" as the initial project for
gathering together all the released interbase code and probably getting it to
a basic compile stage.

Then after discussion and agreement on what sort of "derived product" and
"derived licence" is allowable and desired. We can consolidate it under the
newer "Firebird" project.

What does everyone think of this?



PS: The name apparently originally came from Ann, as a suggestion. I kinda
like it but as I said before, with these things you usually find its a car or
something already.

Mike Nordell wrote:

> Mark O'Donohue wrote:
> > Following "dale1" link on sourceforge you get to a guy called "Dale
> Fuller"
> > and he set it up in January
> In other words: Wasted diskspace on SourceForge. I think he has proven to
> not be the responsible person to handle it.
> However, it gets better I think with the following.
> > SourceForge sounds good as an eventual drop off point, perhaps the mers
> one
> > can be used until that is finalised, but I think were going to have give
> it
> > a name change first.
> OK, let's try some brainstorming and see what falls out?
> - FreeBase (nope, don't think so)
> - NetBase (next thing is OpenBase and we've covered *BSD)
> - Sequel, the Sequel
> - Revisionist
> - DataStore IB
> - T-BO (The InterBase Offspring)
> - T-Bone (T-BO Net Effect)
> - Maintenance Dream (Build Nightmare?)
> - Jimbo
> - Reliant (isn't that already a trademark?)
> - Net Effect
> - SpeedBump
> - Backdrop (gives a nice background to build a scene in front of)
> - Alice (from the sources - "All else")
> - InfoStore
> - InfoBase
> - TINIB (This Is Not InterBase - as recursive as it is to build it :-) )
> - Infinity
> - BaseDriver (DriverBase sound too much like a device driver skeleton)
> - Foundation!
> Some arguments:
> - Small, cheap and on time - pick any three
> - Worlds Most Portable DB at an unbeatable price
> - Information at your fingertips? Bah, Information on time!
> ---
> Mike Nordell
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