Subject Re: [IB-Architect] CVS guru?
Author Mark O'Donohue
Oliver Sturm wrote:

> Hallo Mark,
> Am Sonntag, 30. Juli 2000 um 15:37:20, haben Sie geschrieben:
> >> Hm. I thought I might be able to use the stuff from the tgz files as a
> >> starting point, as they should be identical at this point to the stuff
> >> in the cvs at mers. Then later, I can get up to date easily by
> >> synchronizing. But you say there's no way telling CVS "here's what I
> >> got now, compare for changes and get me what I haven't got"?
> >>
> > The trouble is that the source files are identical but the stuff in the
> > CVS directories will be differnet, the ones in the .tar.gz files will point
> > to (and contain details about) file versions and directories in the
> > CVS repositry.
> And if I delete those?

Yeh you can do it, but to get the "right" CVS files from the other repository you
need to do a checkout anyway. In all it's going to be easier to just check out
the new repository - but that's new and I wouldn't be supprised if it changes a
bit before it settles down as well.

So I'd suggest stay with the files for now, and wait till you really need
something or really want to put something back.

> > Since the source files are identical, and at this early stage, the main thing
> > that is going to change is the build and make stuff, you might as well work
> > on the files you've got, then when you are happy with it you can do some
> > directory diffs etc then to work out exactly what you want to checkin to
> > mers.
> I'm not sure whether or when I'm going to check in anything into that
> repository. But I think it's the easiest way of keeping track with the
> loads of daily changes that are going to be happening. (Being
> enthusiastic on a Sunday ;)

Well it being the early hours on a Monday morning here :(, and Im not as

I wouldn't be too worried about dramatic change.

For starters everyone is paranoid about the changes not being able to put through
the test suite (mind you it's a good idea to be paranoid about).

I guess the InterClient stuff will be where most people want to make immediate