Subject MSG.gdb
Author Mike Nordell
While looking through the IB tree to clean up compiler warnings and stuff, I
had a look at the contents of MSG.gdb.

It has data that contains the following:
"Copyright (c) 1985, 1994 by Borland International, Inc." and
"copyright (c) 1984, 1990 by Interbase Software Corporation"
which got me wondering if

1. Did ISC existed both 1984 and 1990?
2. Is this database is covered by the IPL?

IMO it should be, since it contains parts of the IB source, but on the other
hand I believe the IPL only covers source code and the DB is a binary file.
Since the opening of the source seem to have been quite infected by
politics, and people apparently gets screwed left and right by Inprice, it
might be a problem.

This DB also contains source code for a bunch of languages (e.g. C, PASCAL),
and I guess it's code that gpre uses to create compilable files from e.g.
".e" files. If this is a correct guess, wouldn't it be better to move these
source into text-strings the source of gpre?

I also found qute a few message string that seems to be of no relevance to
the DB itself, e.g. what seems to explain command-line parameters for some
program(s). If they are, I think they also should be migrated into the src.