Subject ISC - State of the nation report ?
Author Mark O'Donohue

Presumably this is for Ann, Jim or someone who actually knowns (which I suppose

may not be them either) But I was wondering exactly what was the current status

of the handover of interbase and the setup of ISC.

I presume they still waiting for borland to sign those documents, is this still

just a legal holdup that was expected to be resolved a couple of days ago, or is

this still being actively negotiated, or has it all been diverted into something else?

It seems at the moment that some sort of central point for coorination is required, particularly

in handling the source compile issues. Currently the news groups are giving me most information,

but it is unclear which web site should be consulted for the definiative guide and latest patches:

is it and or

I presume that ISC were pretty set up to take on this role , Also some idea of where this is

expected to go once ISC gets control would be helpful.

If this information already exists, then I would appreciate someone pointing me to it.



PS: The venture capital thing on interbase2000 is also a bit obscure, what do they want money, or

someone the hassle the guy and why?

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