Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Building IB6
Author Paul Gallagher
I have a feeling that in the not too distant future, Windows and LINUX will
be the only two OS's anyone need be concerned with.

I doubt that ONE person could do it in any reasonable amount of time. I
think were talking about a couple million lines of code.(I'm just guessing).
So it would be a group effort involving dozens of developers working in
close cooperation. If it didn't get done within a year or so from now, it
would most likely be too late to bother with.

And even if something like this did happen, I still think everything should
still go as planned with the C-code IB6. This "fantasy" project would be
completely separate from the main initiative.


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> At 7/27/2000 09:16 PM (Thursday), Paul G. wrote:
> >A while back, I joked about rebuilding the IB source to run on
> I've also had the same stray thought and I've also thought about doing it
> slowly as a leisure activity. (Go figure!)
> The biggest problem I see is not the work to do it but that a quality
> Object Pascal compiler only exists on Win32 platforms. This would limit
> server platform choice severely and would make the effort much less
> valuable, even not valuable at all since I want off Win32 ASAP. Of course,
> once Kylix comes out and has a chance to reach version 2 or 3 then you are
> talking another situation...
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