Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Warning!!! Bugs, Support... addition
Author Maxim Sinev
Usefull information for win2000 users with crashed by installator server
from microsoft knoledge base -
To replace all system dlls with correct (hopefuly) version use programm
Sfc.exe (in system32)
Looks like key /SCANNOW should be specified.

Maxim Sinev

Sent: 26 ???? 2000 ?. 2:14
Subject: RE: [IB-Architect] Warning!!! Bugs, Support... addition

> Did you your server fixed?
> The only way I could get it fixed was to boot to a dos prompt and copy a
> good version of the file over the bad one. You have to do this because
> OS loads the DLL when it boots so you can't rename it or overwrite it with
> newer version.