Subject RE: OpenBase, Phoenix, etc. Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Ungod
do not be fooled by gpl. if you use a gpl product as part of your product,
especially as a library, you must supply the source code for the whole
product!!!! (that's why the LGPL license was brought to life)

Ungod (W.King)
I found the answer, now where'd I put that problem...

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Subject: Re: OpenBase, Phoenix, etc. Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter

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>Hello, Tim!
>Tim Uckun wrote:
> > Or just jump on the postgres/mysql bandwagon. COntribute to an already
>MySQL is not free for Windows. It costs the same as IB 5.x server license,
>around $200.

Tey just recently GPLed the whole thing! But you are right they were
charging a nominal fee for windows users before that. Luckily there was not
a per user/per CPU/Per Mhz cost. People sure get creative when they are
trying to get your money don't they.

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