Subject OpenBase, Phoenix, etc. Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Glebas Paulevicius
Ok then, why don't we start it from scratch.
Let us:

- call it OpenBase or Phoenix or whatever.
- make it OpenSource, OpenMind, OpenBook from the very beginning.
- eliminate lawyers and other VIPs from the process.
- ask Jim to write another engine.
- Dalton to add bots.
- Jason to do connectivity.
- Helen to write a book.
- (sorry if I missed someone who did something else very important)
- everybody else interested to contribute what they can.
- and stop this "every-half-a-year" massive legal f***-up.

Please, take it only as serious as you want.
I fully realize that "it is a lot of work".
The question is: are you gonna love what you are doing
or you are gonna have this fear forever,
that some dales or keiths break it any other day they want.

I am NOT gonna communicate my feelings to Dale Fuller or Inprise lawyers!
To be pragmatic, my feelings are the last thing they care about.
They act according to their own interests
which have nothing to do with feelings.

>If you value your investment in InterBase, if you wish continued
>InterBase support, if want development of InterBase to continue,
>I urge you to communicate your feelings to Dale Fuller, Inprise
>CEO, today. Try phone, e-mail, whatever. If you can't reach
>Jim Starkey