Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Insert Returning
Author Jim Starkey
At 11:58 PM 7/17/00 -0700, Bill Karwin wrote:
>Ann Harrison wrote:
>> Fine. But how would you expect this statment to behave?
>> insert into <table> (<col list>)
>> select <val list> from <select expression>
>> returning <val list>
>> into <var list>
>I guess one would have to declare a cursor for this case, and iterate
>through the cursor to fetch all the results. No matter how wacky and it
>is to create a cursor for an INSERT statement in the context of SQL.

Yes, but if you have to cycle through the cursor anyway, you might
as well use the singleton insert form in the first place.

Ann left a word out of her proclaimation that she liked languages
that used the one syntax for two semantics: Not.

Welcome back, Bill. We missed you.

Jim Starkey