Subject Re: [IB-Architect] new idea/proposition.
Author Geoff McInnes
Markus Kemper, hoping I would jump in with something irrelevant, wrote:

>I can see good value in reporting enhancements that either
> confirm or deny good database design and possibly also lead to the
> easier discovery of bugs/problems with the engine that can be fixed
> or made better.

At the risk of being accused of being off topic or at the very least
for the occassion, I'm having trouble following what's fair game for
in engine extensions in Releases 6,7,8 etc.

So far, no one has shown the slightest interest in my OLAP [which is
really Multi Dimensional Arrays with various forms of sparse consolidation
and compression algorithms] suggestions even though MS SQL 7.0 is cleaning
up with its built in OLAP.

No one seems to be particularly fired up about GIS, Informix Datablades,
IBM's recursive subqueries, or CP/M 80 [hi Paul].

So, is it fair to sum up that we're talking about basic transaction
with some cleanup of the query optimizer [understatement], whilst using some
basic OOP mechanisms [and no that doesn't make InterBase an OO database]
such as inheritance to clean up table and trigger propagation [thereby
higher levels of reuse and lowering the poor DBA's maintenance load -- hi
without seriously attempting any major mods yet to the engine?

BTW, this post is XML and Java free. The use of Whilst makes me appear
This serves to mask my technical inadequacies. Of which I have many.