Subject Re: [IB-Architect] new idea/proposition.
Author Markus Kemper
> >With this cumulative data, the engine would either (a) create indexes
> >for you silently, or (b) keep its hands off the metadata, and instead
> >just produce an advisory report (including a SQL script of CREATE INDEX
> >statements) when asked. The behavior could be configurable per server
> >or per database.
> In a recently published Oracle magazine it tells you how you can ask
> Oracle to list the queries that take the longest, cause the most records
> scanned etc.. It seems like a nice thing.

This is a totally different animal than an 'auto index optimization'
feature. I can see good value in reporting enhancements that either
confirm or deny good database design and possibly also lead to the
easier discovery of bugs/problems with the engine that can be fixed
or made better.