Subject Re: OpenBase, Phoenix, etc. Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Jason Wharton
I would much prefer starting from scratch than using another database that I
have no intricate knowledge of and appreciation for like I do InterBase.
Perhaps I would investigate them but chances are they are going to be
critically flawed when compared to InterBase.

Especially if someone like Jim Starkey were on board.

I would like to make a database that consists of live, sub-classable objects
on the server. As a provider I would provide all of the base classes and
plug-ins necessary and the developer would be able to easily create their
own derivations of the classes to meet their specific requirements. Things
like load balancing, clustering, security, data types, collations, etc.
would all be out of the box.

(Just dreaming here.)

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ