Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Mr. Fuller,

I know you've received a lot of messages sent by InterBase community
Just a few extra words...

I use Borland's development software from its DOS versions and I really
it. Of course, there were problems: sometimes it was buggy, badly
etc, but this wasn't catastrophic because I could work and release my
Your recent merger attempt with Corel was abandoned - it's bad but not a
Six months ago you promised us to open-source InterBase 6.0 by June 30 and I
decided I would be happy at last. I spent a lot of time adapting our
solution for
kinobi, I've started to develop its new version. And what can I see now?
going to kill InterBase definitively.

Being a senior developer, I'm responsible to my employer for a product
and readiness. In turn, our company is responsible to customers. Now they
to wait. So what should we tell them? Wait a bit more until we prepare
or MS SQL version? Or should we recommend them to choose software of
another company?

What's going on with you and your organization? Do you really think we can
the product to our customers and use it by ourselves, if we don't trust its
It forces me to change my mind about Borland/Inprise.

If I'm mistaken regarding your intentions, please let us know all about
your actual
plans. But don't say a 'lawyer' word - it sounds strangely.

My only wish is you should make RIGHT decision about the future of

Best regards,
Dmitry Yemanov