Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author David Berg
Good points, I agree.

I will also say that as an Inprise stock holder I strongly believe that it
is in Inprise's best interest to move forward and open source Interbase.
There is much to be gained from moving forward and much to lose from not
moving forward.

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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter


First, I really want to thank Dale for even coming up with the idea to Open
Source Interbase.

I would just like to point out that Dale is just an employee of Inprise. He
must answer and account to its stockholders.

These stockholders must be convinced that it will be better to go along with
Dale's vision of open source instead of delaying / refusing to give up what
they might perceive to be valuable asset (which it is) - but the point is,
they should be made to realize that IB will even be more valuable if it is
released immediately.

I can easily understand that a 'hired' CEO can do nothing against his own
company lawyers.

On positive action:
1. Explain that Inprise's products will experience a sudden rise in
potential sales because these are the primary client-tools of Interbase.
2. Marketing / name-recall

On negative action
1. Class action suit. If those neat suits at Inprise want to show everybody
that they are a class act, it might be nice for us to return the favor.

Greg Deatz, sign me in.

(Just kidding,...)

I guess these are birth pains...

But the next best thing to the Open Source potential is for the Open Source
community of IB to have a BBW who demand quality, quality, quality,...

Joseph Alba

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