Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Letter
Author Robert F. Tulloch
Mr. Dale Fuller, President & CEO

Good Day:

I am very concerned about the ongoing fiasco regarding the open
source release of Interbase.

Many developers such as myself, who are dedicated Borland product
users (from Dbase ll the way, from Delphi 1 and BCB 1) are very dismayed
at the promised failure to release this product. I (and I am sure) many
other have already converted application over to IB6 (Beta) using IBX or
IBO components in anticipation of this release. This represents a great
deal of effort on our part based on our use of Borland products and
faith in the company. To back out of this at this time would leave a
very bitter taste in the mouths of many, including me.

I use Borland products for two reasons: First I find them easy to
use, reliable and quite versatile. The second reason is anti M$. I
would hate to abandon Borland and have to go with a product line offered
by a company I don't like nor trust.

Best regards

Robert F. Tulloch
Munith, MI