Subject InterBase and Cobalt Networks
Author Paul Beach
As some of you may be aware - Jim posted the following on the IB-Architect
list earlier today...

<<Monday, July 17, Cobalt Networks has scheduled a major announcement,
which was to include InterBase version 6. But InterBase, still
the property of Borland, has not been released. Dale Fuller,
president of Inprise/Borland, promised to release InterBase to
Cobalt. Dale then turned the issued over to his lawyers, who
have refused permission to release the product.

Unless Borland agrees to release version 6 binaries to Cobalt
today, July 14, the Cobalt deal is probably dead. If the Cobalt
deal dies, the Borland/InterBase deal may die with it. In any
case, if the Borland/InterBase deal does not close by July 24,
the deal will be dead. The future of the product will be Dale
Fuller, not Ann, Paul, and Matt. I will not be involved in
any capacity.>>

Olivier Mascia asked who, or what was Cobalt, and I have already posted an
answer to that....
Lets just say that I have spent something like 18 months building a
relationship with Cobalt, and that the release of 6.0
with their next generation products was the culmination of a significant
amount of effort and hard work by a number of people on both sides.

As a useful piece of information, I received a signed release from Dale for
Cobalt to distribute InterBase 6.0 with their platforms
and also provide a downloadable version of InterBase for their hardware
platform at around 3.00pm PST. This release is now in the safe hands of

Phew..... nothing like running something very close to the edge.

Paul Beach