Subject Re: [IB-Architect] What registry settings for the ODBC driver ?
Author dcalford
Hi all,

I know this is not the place but, if you all could do me a favor. When you
have a compiled version of the ODBC driver for the various platforms, could
you email me a copy of it?

I am short on time to double check compiles and to work on various
development systems, but, I do have workstations that I can install the
drivers on and get feedback from other developers here in the office.

It would be really appreciated.



Bruno Gachie wrote:

> Hello,
> I compiled the odbc driver for NT and now I want to
> register it in the ODBC Administrator in the control panel.
> I've got DLL : IscDbc.dll, OdbcJdbc.dll and OdbcJdbcSetup.dll
> but no '.exe' to install the driver.
> Can someone tell me what are the registry setting
> for that driver ? I think it is a key to add to the
> I tried with the old Intersolv's registry key
> where I changed the 'driver' and 'setup' values,
> I could create a DSN but it doesn't seem to work :
> I get an 'unspecified error 80004005' from the driver
> when I open a connection from the ASP script.
> Thank you for your help.
> Bruno Gachie
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