Subject What registry settings for the ODBC driver ?
Author Bruno Gachie

I compiled the odbc driver for NT and now I want to
register it in the ODBC Administrator in the control panel.

I've got DLL : IscDbc.dll, OdbcJdbc.dll and OdbcJdbcSetup.dll
but no '.exe' to install the driver.
Can someone tell me what are the registry setting
for that driver ? I think it is a key to add to the

I tried with the old Intersolv's registry key
where I changed the 'driver' and 'setup' values,
I could create a DSN but it doesn't seem to work :

I get an 'unspecified error 80004005' from the driver
when I open a connection from the ASP script.

Thank you for your help.
Bruno Gachie