Subject Re: [IB-Architect] SuperServer vs. Classic
Author Dominique Louis
Doug Chamberlin wrote:
> Maybe my applications and databases are too small for it to make a
> difference, but I have not understood why this would be a major decision or
> make a big difference.

Maybe I didn't express myself very well. It is obviously not a major
dicision or would make a big difference. I was simply illustrating that my
application could make use of having the best of both Interbase worlds.

>I can see if you would be pushing the 200+ user
> operational limits or if you needed multiple CPUs on the server for other
> reasons. For most of what I see this issue just does not come up!

Initially the server database will accomodate 200+ users and this will
reach as high as 600 when it is fully implemented company wide.

> Dominique, have you actually observed a problem with either architecture
> that makes you want to use one over the other, given your specific
> application and typical database?

As mentioned no, I just wanted to illustrate that my application ( and I'm
sure many other developer's applications ) can take advantages of both
achitectures. Obviously I could drop classic and standardise on SS, but if
each has an advantage and I want to give the client the best his money can
buy then giving him the best DB for both local and server is what I think I
should do.


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