Subject Re: No support Q's here, please! WAS Re: [IB-Architect] SuperServer vs. Classic
Author Dominique Louis
Helen Borrie wrote:
> Hi all, especially recent arrivals to this list:
> Please avoid posting anything remotely like a support question to this list!
> This one is purely for discussions of the architecture. That takes enough
> concentration and consumes enough time, all by itself, without extra noise
> from folk wanting advice.
> Sorry - you must take these questions to interbase@... or (if
> appropriate to community effort) to IBDI@....
> Thanks for your consideration.

Hi Helen,
Sorry if it came across as a support question, but I was simply trying to
illustrate that in my particular case I think I could make use of both the
classic and Super Server architecture, if I want the best of both worlds.
Obviously I can drop classic and put up with the speed that SS gives on a
local server. But If I want to give my client the best application his
money can buy then it has to make use of both architectures.

Again I apologies, if it came across as a support question.


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