Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Local application
Author Markus Kemper

There should be no additional files required for the
InterBase piece. The 'Local' engine is the 'Remote'
engine (no differences except for the license file).

One of the beauties of IB is that when you want to
scale your application up from the desktop its as
simple as dedicating a machine to host IB (eg. myserver)
and modifying the conneciton string.

from: connect \<drive>:\<path>\<database>
to: conenct myserver:\<drive>:\<path>\<database>

One area I've seen some programmers struggle in doing
this is that their application design is not ready
for a multiuser environment. Meaning that things
like TTables, select(*), count(*) are throughout the
application. And sometimes transaction control is
less than optimal. One will not notice the performance
impact of the above operations until put into a
multiuser environement and then performance goes
out the window.

Only go to the database when you need to.


Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> From: Alexander Rabtchevich <>
> As I know, a lot of people now (at least at former USSR) are using Interbase as a
> local database engine (I know it can conflict with licence agreement). It is because
> of it's lightness and high speed. So the idea is very nice - to use one database
> format in all applications you write. But now it needs some additional knowledge
> from programmer - what files are needed and how to install Interbase manually.
> So the question is - did you think about such a problem?
> With respect
> Alexander Rabtchevich
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