Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Disk Bandwidth was License Question
Author Jim Starkey
At 09:08 AM 3/27/00 +0200, Christer Matson wrote:
>From: Christer Matson <christer@...>
>Wouldn't it be better to always use plans then for frequently used complex
>queries, to minimize the optimization phase time?

Nope. Vastly better for the database to retain a compiled version
version of a query for re-use that can be invalidated in any of the
major considerations on which the optimization was based change.

I re-iterate my question: Why should people have to tell computers
how to be smart?

Interbase should cache compiled queries (at both SQL and BLR
levels) and retain execution strategies, minimally join order,
for expensive requests. Neither is the least bit difficult to
do, and each is better in all dimensions that a user supplied
plan. Assuming the optimizer optimizes, of course, which is
a different question.

Jim Starkey