Subject GDB compatibility
Author Alexander Rabtchevich

I guess that each serious product must support the downstair compatibility
between at least neighbour versions. Look at Paradox, Access - this list can
be continued long. The newer engine supports the older databases. In other
case there are the lot of issues - the main means the 'mobility' lack.
The user definetely can not replace the server (open source, free or not)
with the modern version without the high-qualified support of the
specialist, or even with the total database and client program
reengineering. The program can not be spread as end-user product - he can
have earlier version installed from other vendor. They can't work on the one
server at once.
The only decision I can see is to stay the support of the older ODS in the
new engine versions. The current solution is not the best - people report
new engine crush old (not backuped and restored) databases sometimes. And
the significant ODS changes must not lead the developers to the easiest
decision - to stop the support of older ODS versions.

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich