Subject Re: [IB-Architect] GDB compatibility
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 10:59 AM 11/16/2000 +0200, Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:

>I guess that each serious product must support the downstair compatibility
>between at least neighbour versions.
>The only decision I can see is to stay the support of the older ODS in the
>new engine versions. The current solution is not the best - people report
>new engine crush old (not backuped and restored) databases sometimes. And
>the significant ODS changes must not lead the developers to the easiest
>decision - to stop the support of older ODS versions.

It was my decision to make V6 support V5 databases ... and accidentally
V4 databases, with the side-effect of making them V5. Despite that
awkwardness, cross-version support is very important. Thank you for
mentioning that...