Subject IncSearch does not work in TIB_Grid

My frustration level increases since I upgraded from IBOv4.8 to v5.9. After a lot of issues, that fortunately get partially fixed, I discovered a new one, that drives me crazy.

The incremental search in a grid does not work any more.

Something must have been changed since 4.8 in the incremental search mechanism and now it no longer works. I have tried to debug it, but could not find the source for the problem. Somehow the IncSearchLastTick of the TIB_Query does not get any value. It is always 0 and that causes the problem.

Has anybody an idea what I do have to change to get incsearch working again in 5.9?

I am really considering stepping back to 4.8 with the drawback to not be able to go to FB3.0 until I removed every IBO related code from my project and that could last for months or years, as it is quite a bit.