Subject RE: [IBO] IncSearch does not work in TIB_Grid
Author Jason Wharton
I apologize I didn't get to this sooner.
Migrating from IBO 4.8 to 5.9 is a very significant jump over many years of work so please realize some things may not work the same and I'll do what I can to easy the burden of your migration.  However, I need more detailed infromation about what problems you are having.  Incremental search should work in TIB_Grid and so I need to try and understand what is going on better.
It also drives me crazy when my customers are suffering and I'm not really sure what to do to help them.
Let's work together on this, okay?
Jason Wharton

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Sent: Monday, September 04, 2017 1:41 AM
Subject: [IBO] IncSearch does not work in TIB_Grid

My frustration level increases since I upgraded from IBOv4.8 to v5.9. After a lot of issues, that fortunately get partially fixed, I discovered a new one, that drives me crazy.

The incremental search in a grid does not work any more.

Something must have been changed since 4.8 in the incremental search mechanism and now it no longer works. I have tried to debug it, but could not find the source for the problem. Somehow the IncSearchLastTick of the TIB_Query does not get any value. It is always 0 and that causes the problem.

Has anybody an idea what I do have to change to get incsearch working again in 5.9?

I am really considering stepping back to 4.8 with the drawback to not be able to go to FB3.0 until I removed every IBO related code from my project and that could last for months or years, as it is quite a bit.