Subject IBO FieldsCharCase not working for Proper or Normal case
I've found that only UPPER and LOWER seem to work with the FieldCharCase property of a TIB_Query.  I've fixed this locally by making the following change to TIB_ColumnVarText.GetValue:     case CharCase of       ccUpper: Result := iboUpperCase( Result );       ccLower: Result := iboLowerCase( Result );       { PATCH START }       ccProper:         begin           tmpStr := iboLowerCase( Result );           if iboLength( tmpStr ) > 0 then           begin             Result := iboUpperCase(tmpStr[1]);             for i := 2 to iboLength( tmpStr ) do               Result := Result + ConvCharCase( tmpStr[i-1],                                                tmpStr[i],                                                 ccProperCase );             end;           end;       { PATCH END } This was adapted from code I found in TIB_CustomLabel.DoDrawText and seems to work for Proper case; I guess something similar would be needed for Normal case.