Subject Data type char issues (for lack of a better subject)
Author Robert Martin
Hi Jason

Have been working on moving to Delphi XE2 (from 2007) and also to new
versions of IBO and now FB itself. We wanted to avoid changing the DB
version as well but unfortunately it seems that 2.0 had some UTF issues.

Anyway mostly though the process and just popped our software on a FB
2.5.2 virtual machine. Copied a backup of a DB across and restored so
that it would be 2.5.2 format. The DB is specified as UTF8. When I
open screens I get messages like ....

Query: Type mismatch for field 'fieldname', expecting: String actual

These fields are defined in the DB as Char(1). It appears they are
defined as persistent fields and that when connecting to a FB 2.5.2 they
are now returning as a different type. It appears the following is true

a) Delphi 2007 - IBO 4.8.7 - FB 2.0 WORKS
b) Delphi 2007 - IBO 4.8.7 - FB 2.5.2 WORKS
c) Delphi XE2 - IBO - FB 2.0 WORKS
d) Delphi XE2 - IBO - FB 2.5.2 FAILS

This is pretty major for us, what should I do?