Subject AW: [IBO] AutoCommit and TransactionState
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Hi Jason,

the action I was talking about was TIB_ActionCommitRetaining assigned to a TButton.
The button is enabled or disabled in the StatusChanged procedure but my problem is that the transaction state does not change after posting with AutoCommit=TRUE.

As another way of explaining the problem, I found out that I can get the behavior I would expect by adding an "AfterCommit" event on the transaction and manually setting the transaction state with the following ugly construct:

type TUglyHack = class(TIB_Transaction)

procedure TMyForm.trAfterCommit(Sender: TIB_Transaction);

I don't really feel comfortable to fiddle with the transaction's state though that is why I was asking what is the explanation for the state "ActivePending" after autocommit ?

I don't currently know how to better explain it, hope this helps. The IBO version I am using is "4.9.14 53".


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I think I need to see more of the details of the code you are working with
to give you better guidance. What IBO-Actions are you talking about? It's
possible that I simply have a bug in those action handlers.


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Subject: [IBO] AutoCommit and TransactionState

Hey there,

I am struggling to understand the implications of using AutoCommit=TRUE.

There is an application that uses this behavior but the problem is that
before and after doing the auto-commit the transactions state is
This means that some IBO-actions on a toolbar don't get notified (by their
StatusChanged event) that a commit has happened.

Currently the problem is a "Save" button which should do a commit on the
current transaction that is still active even when no more changes need to
be committed.

More importantly, I'd like to understand a bit more about this behavior and
if there is some way to control it.. comments in the source code for the
"TransactionState" property say that after auto-commit the state could be
either "Inactive" or "ActivePending" but I don't understand how this is

Please help! :)


P.S.: I even started to entertain the idea to "simulate" the auto-commit
behavior by manually doing a commit after post, but I don't see a way to go
about it except for handling it on the query level..

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