Subject Re: [IBO] IBO, Firebird and StoredProcedure as run and forget
Author russellbelding
Thanks Helen and Paul for the information on IBO's DML caching. I had not explored this before. Now I know more about it. I have used FB events.

My task is not first synchonisation between data sets. It is gathering data from a 3rd party app and starting a longish task processing the data in the FB server. Using a separate thread is one way. Queuing the process is another. At present I am looking at options.

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> > You might like to have a look at IBO's DMLCaching feature. It is possible to use it at a "global" level (i.e., beyond the boundaries of a connection). It might be helpful for some form of alert from the threaded session back to the main thread, or vice versa.
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> Thomas from Upscene has a demo which I found most helpful at
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