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Would you be able to put together a little sample app demonstrating the


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Subject: AW: [IBO] AutoCommit and TransactionState

Hi Jason,

the action I was talking about was TIB_ActionCommitRetaining assigned to a
The button is enabled or disabled in the StatusChanged procedure but my
problem is that the transaction state does not change after posting with

As another way of explaining the problem, I found out that I can get the
behavior I would expect by adding an "AfterCommit" event on the transaction
and manually setting the transaction state with the following ugly

type TUglyHack = class(TIB_Transaction)

procedure TMyForm.trAfterCommit(Sender: TIB_Transaction);

I don't really feel comfortable to fiddle with the transaction's state
though that is why I was asking what is the explanation for the state
"ActivePending" after autocommit ?

I don't currently know how to better explain it, hope this helps. The IBO
version I am using is "4.9.14 53".


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I think I need to see more of the details of the code you are working with
to give you better guidance. What IBO-Actions are you talking about? It's
possible that I simply have a bug in those action handlers.


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Subject: [IBO] AutoCommit and TransactionState

Hey there,

I am struggling to understand the implications of using AutoCommit=TRUE.

There is an application that uses this behavior but the problem is that
before and after doing the auto-commit the transactions state is
This means that some IBO-actions on a toolbar don't get notified (by their
StatusChanged event) that a commit has happened.

Currently the problem is a "Save" button which should do a commit on the
current transaction that is still active even when no more changes need to
be committed.

More importantly, I'd like to understand a bit more about this behavior and
if there is some way to control it.. comments in the source code for the
"TransactionState" property say that after auto-commit the state could be
either "Inactive" or "ActivePending" but I don't understand how this is

Please help! :)


P.S.: I even started to entertain the idea to "simulate" the auto-commit
behavior by manually doing a commit after post, but I don't see a way to go
about it except for handling it on the query level..

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