Subject Re: [IBO] Adobe Acrobat and TIB_Grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:27 a.m. 18/04/2013, fields24@... wrote:
>Hi All,
>Has anyone been working with TAcroPDF OCX and TIB_Grid?

No; but I wouldn't have considered it because, as far as I know, you can't embed VCL-descended components in an IB_Grid.

>I have added a acrobat object to my form and gone through
>all of the steps to load a pdf form and save it, etc. But
>once it loads the tib_grid becomes unable to mouse click on.
>I had to add a navigator bar to be able to step through the
>records/filenames that are in my database that find and load
>the filename for a given pdf image and show it on screen.

There should be a more succinct route for this, that won't be direct. But you should be able to create a non-visual linkage somehow, to coordinate the blob_id or string variable between the ib_datasource for the grid and the tdatasource for the Acro component.

You don't say whether your database stores the PDFs as blobs (which must be binary) or just as path strings. That will determine how you play this.

>The minute the pdf has loaded it takes focus and blocks any
>interaction from the user and the grid.

Are you saying that you are loading the PDF into the same form as the row-selection grid? I think I would rather have a non-modal form to pop up and display the PDF, such as you would see in a web form with an Adobe or NitroPDF Reader plugin to the client app (in that case, of course the client is a browser.) Then, if you wanted to, you could retain a PDF document and return to the main form to select another. If you are properly careful about creating and destroying the instances of your pop-up form, you shouldn't get any undesirable

>I am having to create a "documents scanned" program to handle
>many thousands of reports that need to be archived, viewed, and
>printed. (I am also unable to print several given selected records
>using the same methods)

That seems somewhat unclear, too. How are you trying to print "selected records"? Using a print option in the Acro component or trying to squirt the Acrobat data into print output for a database report?