Subject Re: [IBO] Adobe Acrobat and TIB_Grid
Author Ramil

Can you show some pieces of sources, how you did it?
Which events of your TIB_Grid (or dataset) you using to process pdf files?

Best regards,
> Hi All,
> Has anyone been working with TAcroPDF OCX and TIB_Grid?
> I have added a acrobat object to my form and gone through
> all of the steps to load a pdf form and save it, etc. But
> once it loads the tib_grid becomes unable to mouse click on.
> I had to add a navigator bar to be able to step through the
> records/filenames that are in my database that find and load
> the filename for a given pdf image and show it on screen.
> The minute the pdf has loaded it takes focus and blocks any
> interaction from the user and the grid.
> Anyone been working with this.
> I am having to create a "documents scanned" program to handle
> many thousands of reports that need to be archived, viewed, and
> printed. (I am also unable to print several given selected records
> using the same methods)
> Thanks,
> Steve Fields

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